Senior Care

Our Senior Care program is designed to increase your strength and coordination through an at-your-pace regimen with the goal of reducing pain and getting you back to your normal life.


At Your Pace Therapy

Seniors recovering from injury or illness, physical therapy can help relieve pain and restore physical functions in strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

At Kleinpeter Physical Therapy, we provide a multi-facet approach to help our patients get back to their normal life.

Our therapy incorporates strengthening and stretching exercises, along with other treatments techniques and modalities to decrease pain, increase the range of motion, flexibility, strength, and ability to independently perform activities of daily living.



If You're Feeling...

If you are in pain from any of the following, Kleinpeter Physical Therapy can help:

    • Arthritis (All Types)
    • Pre & Post Joint Replacement Rehabilitation(Knee/Hip/Shoulder)
    • Balance and Fall Risk Assessment
    • Weakness and Deconditioning
    • Age-related Conditions
Our Evaluation Process

Your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation that includes:

      • A review of your health history.
      • Questions about your specific symptoms.
      • A thorough examination that includes assessing the quality and quantity of your movements, and any movement behaviors that might put you at risk for delayed recovery.
      • Tests to identify signs or symptoms that could indicate a serious health problem, such as broken bones or cancer.
      • Assessment of how you use your body at work, at home, during sports, and at leisure.
Our Program

We offer a variety of health education, therapy and rehabilitation programs designed exclusively for seniors. We can evaluate and treat most conditions, including:

      • Balance & walking problems
      • Osteoporosis
      • Postsurgical rehabilitation for hip & knee
      • Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis
      • Specific joint mobility problems that keep you from enjoying your favorite activities
      • Musculoskeletal & neuromuscular dysfunction related to a physical impairment
      • Decreased mobility levels that make it difficult to get out of bed, climb stairs or perform routine activities around the house


Kleinpeter Physical Therapy offers our patients the most advanced technologies and treatments that offer proven, effective results. We are determined to work with you and get you back to your active life as quickly and safely as possible.

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An Entire Team Focused On You

As experts in restoring and improving mobility and movement in people’s lives, physical therapists play an important role not only in treating persistent pain but developing a custom regimen so you can return to living your life.

You want a therapist who is dedicated to providing friendly, personalized attention to each and every patient. Someone who takes the time to get to know and understand you, for continuity of care that offers you better results.

Kleinpeter is here for you. Contact us today to help you begin living pain-free.


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