5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A PT Provider

Will my therapy be just exercise?

One of the most common comments from patients who have been to other physical therapy providers goes something like this: “All the therapist does is give me exercises I can really do on my own, so why should I inconvenience myself by going to therapy when I can do the exercises on my own at home?”

Treatment should include a combination of “hands-on” manual therapy techniques, patient education, balance and flexibility activities, pain relieving treatments, and specialized exercise programs. These all work together to heal and speed recovery. Home exercise is just one part of a complete program of care.

Will the therapist allow me to manage my own condition, or will they create a situation where I become dependent on them for relief?

Kleinpeter believes in empowering patients to care for their own condition independently, whenever possible. We integrate techniques for long term care management, reducing the incidence of recurrence, and promoting patient independence.

Does the physical therapist assist you in transitioning from rehabilitation to a regular exercise program designed with your history in mind?

At Kleinpeter, we offer an onsite, supervised independent gym program to help make your transition from therapy services to a health club or home exercise program.

In addition, each patient receives an extra no-charge post-rehab visit to help you avoid setbacks and promote your progress

What is the average number of visits each patient usually requires to complete their plan of care?

Each person and condition are unique and the length of therapy will depend on everything from the severity of the condition to the age of the patient. The average number of visits at Kleinpeter is 12 – 16 per condition.

Does the treatment prescribed fit into your busy schedule?

At Kleinpeter, we understand that the rest of your life cannot be put on hold to accommodate your treatment schedule. We offer early morning through evening appointments, and the ability to change appointment times with a phone call.

For those that have additional questions about their condition or treatment options, we offer free introductory screenings and consultations. Call one of our locations to arrange yours today.