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Relieving Headaches With Physical Therapy

A headache is any pain that is felt in the head, caused by migraines, illness, tension, past injury, or facial pain. This pain ranges in intensity and can negatively affect how you perform daily tasks. Issues with the neck or jaw, ranging from stressed or fatigued muscles to injury and arthritis can lead to feelings of tightness, sensitivity, and pain in the head. With the aid of physical therapy, you can find relief from headaches and underlying issues that may be causing or intensifying the issue.


How Physical Therapists Identify Headaches

Your physical therapist will target the source of your headache by asking you targeted questions and performing specific tests to pinpoint the root cause. This may include discussing past injuries, testing your muscle strength and range of motion, or having you share the specific areas in which you are feeling pain. This information will help your physical therapist determine the kind of headache you are experiencing as well as determine the best course of action to help you find relief.


Ways Physical Therapy Can Prevent Headaches

Once the type and cause of your headache has been identified, your physical therapist will show you how to correct any issues that may be influencing your pain. This can include performing exercises to improve mobility, building muscle strength, and improving postural issues. They can also help you to notice ways that your lifestyle may cause these muscle issues at home or in the workplace. By fixing the conditions present in your home or work environment, strengthening the muscles of your neck, and improving muscle mobility, you can find relief from muscular pain that can contribute to the development of headaches.


How To Find the Right Physical Therapist For You

Finding the right physical therapist for your needs is key to your relief. At Kleinpeter Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care to help you return to your lifestyle as soon as possible. Our staff personalizes your therapy to meet your individualized needs.


If you are looking to alleviate headaches and other associated pain with physical therapy, contact us at Kleinpeter Physical Therapy today.


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